The Busycle was built during the summer of 2005 with the contribution
of over 50 volunteers who helped with everything from construction to
event planning to designing our website.

Ann Adelsberger

Ann Adelsberger is a freelance documentary producer, editor and media educator based in Jamaica Plain, MA. Ann is also a cycling advocate, bicycle mechanic and a former collective member of Broadway Bicycle School and volunteer/bike repair teacher at Bikes not Bombs. Her interest in the Busycle project stems for a long time commitment to improving access to safe and environmentally sustainable transportation in the Boston area. A former youth Media coordinator at Somerville Community Access Television, she produced Pedal Revolution, a magazine-style series about local bicycling and transportation issues. Ann is also a board member and treasurer of Women in Film and Video – New England, a non-profit supporting the accomplishments of women working in the film, video and new media industries.


Heather Clark

A resident of Boston, Massachusetts, Heather is an affordable housing developer and sculptor. In the summer of 2004, she finished a Master's of Science in Real Estate Development from MIT, where she studied housing issues in underserved neighborhoods, building systems, transportation issues and ecologically sound building methods. Although perhaps not apparent on the surface, her background in development and ecology is interwoven into her approach to sculpture, where she looks at urban infrastructure, making places, and the meaning of the built environment and its relation to nature.


Jeff DelPapa

Cyclist, mangler of metal. Self taught machinist, I blew my first fuse before I could walk. Started disassembling things at an early age, and making new things from the bits shortly afterwards. Founded the first American team to appear on Junkyard Wars, The NERDS reached the final round. Trained as a computer scientist, I now try to get others to improvise solutions to problems, using scrap materials.

Adam Eig

Artist, mostly sculpture using steel and bronze. I fabricate everything -- no casting. (this was good for the work I did on the busycle). I have a very organic touch with very inorganic materials. I just moved down to the Washington, DC metro area. I also do woodblock prints and drawings and other artisty things.

Natasha Hawke

Natasha Hawke is a mother of four children, and loves to work on bicycles. She teaches a summer camp for kids to learn about bicycle repair and riding. Professionally she's a midwife, and has more hobbies then possible to list here.

Dori Latman

While wandering, Dori Latman, Boston resident, stumbled across the Busycle and it's rag tag group of pedalers. "For the love of all that is good," Ms. Latman exclaimed, "hand me a hammer, a paintbrush, and a power tool and I will work, think, and play!"

Ben Chassler Lucal

David Martinez

Adrianne J. states thusly " The ma n walks on wheels, the man sleeps on wheels, the man WAS BORN ON WHEELS."

Jason McCrea

I'm a year-round bike commuter and dad in a one-car family of five. I've been biking most of my adult life and am interested in the social and economic impact of cycling.


Moz is a devoted disciple of the art of the bicycle, building a bike or two most years and riding almost everywhere he goes. He's a regular contributor to bike talk on the internet and often gives advice to people doing interesting things with bikes (the sillier the better). documents some of his projects and adventures.

Tim Panagos

Tim Panagos is a freelance software architect, a welding instructor, and an entrepreneur. He founded Sparqs Industrial Arts Club, a public-access machine shop in the Boston-area.

Meg Rotzel

Meg Rotzel (1976 - Appleton, Wisconsin) works on projects that are primarily collaborative and public in nature. She is a founder and the Director of the Berwick Research Institute, an arts non-profit in Boston, Massachusetts, and the Curatorial Associate at the Center for Advanced Visual Studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Meg is also independent curator and artistic director, as well as a working artist.

Susan Sakash

Susan Sakash is fascinated with the different ways in which humans create communities with fellow human beings as well as their animate and inanimate surroundings. After graduating with a BA in the College of Letters from Wesleyan University in 2000, she has been doing her part to facilitate these relationships as public art curator with the Berwick Research Institute, trombone player in the Stick and Rag Village Orchestra, and general creative self.

David Gordon Wilson

Dave Wilson is an enthusiast for recumbent human-powered vehicles and enjoys seeing human power used in all its forms. Dave is also an MIT professor and the author of the book Bicycle Science.

Ron Wold

Ron Wold is a freelance french horn player. He performs in orchestras and other ensembles all over New England. He is also an avid cyclist, using pedaling as his primary mode of transportation in the city. He has worked as a bus driver and diesel mechanic, and uses old diesel cars which he fixes himself for transportation outside the city. His hobbies include tinkering with old machinery and making his own fuel.

W.S.V. Simon Stevin

W.S.V. Simon Stevin is a Netherland-based student organization that built and operate a human-powered bus.

Sara Casilio

33% of a Performance Art group with her other two triplet sisters, 100% professional laugher


Supervisor of the Machine Shop at MIT in the Laboratory for Nuclear Science. Originated in Northern UK, worked for over fifty years making all manner of things. Now having fun at MIT still working on all manner of projects.


Bus Mechanic, hockey coach, all around good guy

Alan Armstrong

MIT Professor

Adam Campbell

Adam Campbell lives and works at haley house, the catholic worker in the south end. he loves bikes, art, people, originality, and irreverence, and thus wishes the busycle was a woman so he could propose. he uses his time to run a soup kitchen, help publish a street magazine, secretly plant art around the city, and laugh.

Rob Carter

Physicist at Large, fascinated by all things mechanical since the tender age of 4 when the tin-can-lid wheels folded up underneath his homemade little red wagon, and fascinated by all things electrical (from around the same time) when curiosity rewarded him with a whallop from a live AC outlet. Currently designs/builds/tests all manner of piezoelectric devices at Piezo Systems, Inc. in Cambridge MA. Busycle: To those with memories, an important reminder of the power of hands and minds. And to those with memories still forming, an inspiration.

Shannon Baz-Casper

Shannon spends most of her time on wheels - not on a bike, but on rollerskates as a member of the Boston Derby Dames roller derby league. During her off-time, she provides computer support for the employees of a Boston-based affordable housing development firm, while dreaming of leaving IT for a career playing with cats (or at least studying and modifying their behavior).

Mike Connett

A resident of Burlington VT, Mike's a new recruit to the Busycle web team and an enthused member of the upcoming Buscyle cross country tour. When he's not working on Buscyle issues, Mike keeps himself busy as Project Director for the Fluoride Action Network (

Craig Forest

Craig Forest is an MIT grad student in Mechanical Engineering and avid biker. He served as a design consultant during the initial phases of busycle design.



Dave Hess

Inventor of the Platypus, a 9 person pedal power amphibious vehicle.

Tim Higgins

Lives in Somerville mainly for the bikability. Fulltime Mechanical Designer and part-time Engineering student at Northeastern University. Strong interest in human powered anything.


Martin Krieg

Director of the National Bicycle Greenway and author of
the book "Awake Again" will be traveling on a HiWheel bicycle from
Boston to San Francisco as a part of the 6th Annual National Mayors'
Ride with the busycle team and with his new book, "How America can
Bike and Grow Rich, The National Bicycle Greenway Manifesto" .

Tommy the Muscle

Tommy the Muscle brings quite a bit to the Busycle project. Unfortunately, expertise in automobiles, bicycles, metal working, and art are none of those things. In fact, his contributions are pretty much limited to cynicism, an extra set of hands, assistance in lifting heavy stuff, and leftover pasta. We love him for it.

Matthew Mazzotta

A resident of Burlington, Vermont, Matthew is a carpenter by trade and a graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He works exclusively with recycled, reused, donated and found materials to construct forms which help satisfy his near obsession with housing, temporary urban structures and culture, and the fantastic. He has a long history of bicycle projects ranging from a bicycle that powers an organ on its handlebars, to a low-rider unicycle to a bicycle that pulls a cart where a couple sits and eats a candle-lit dinner.

Decian O'Connell

Illustrator, creator of the web comic - Belphegother - and Mass College of Art Student.

Thomas Schorn

Thomas Schorn is a mutlidisplined artist living and working in Boston.
His career began in 1990 when he received the Frank J. Waters Grant to study art which led to a bachelors degree in Photographic Illustration from Rochester Institute of Technology. He is currently serving as a designer in the Corporate Marketing department of a financial services company while earning a second degree in Graphic Design from Massachusetts College of Art.

Mark Skinner

Larry Stone

Larry was immediately enchanted with the idea of a human-powered bus and signed on from the start. Although a software developer by day, he builds and repairs bicycles, and sometimes even fixes cars, for fun.

Andi Sutton

Andi Sutton is a video and performance artist whose artistic endeavors reflect her devotion to publicly accessible alternative expression. She is the co-curator of the Berwick Research Institute's Public Art Incubator Program with her curatorial collaborator, Susan Sakash. Sutton is also a member of the collective the National Bitter Melon Council, a group that creates food, agriculture, and public art events that apply social performance methodology and community development practice. Her artwork has been shown at the Anthology Film Archives in New York City, the Boston Center for the Arts, and the Museum of Fine Arts, among others. Additionally, Sutton has directed several interactive performance events in Boston and New York.



Head Bus Mechanic, computer whiz, all around good guy, and works with Dom

Cory Vinyard

Cordawg is a firefighting, helicopter jumping, wandering carpenter, with a love for the great outdoors

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